Your Bathroom Scale is A Liar!

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We all hear lots of opinions stated as facts especially in the weight loss.

“Want to lose belly flab do this”……… “want a firm butt do this”………. on and on about how to make dieting and weight loss more effective.

One of those we all read and hear about is the importance of exercise. Muscle is leaner and weighs more than fat so you look slimmer is one we hear about. Or, your metabolism goes up and you burn more body fat if you have more muscle.

Now, they both make sense however many times I think, how do you know that or prove it too me. Well interesting enough, I proved it to myself.

For the last 3 months we have been remodeling our house. I contracted out a lot of the work but also had to be around to give instructions and make sure everything was done how we wanted. Because of this and my client load I missed many of my exercise classes and went from five days a week to two and some weeks just one.

What I started to noticed is that some of my clothes started feeling a little snug. Now I am not a big fan of the scale as I react emotionally at every pound up and down so I did not weigh myself but decided to follow my food plan a little closer. After another week my clothes felt about the same so I decided I would accept whatever the scale said, not get upset and just deal with it. So I stepped on the scale. What a shock, I weighed exactly the same! How can this be?

The only explanation is from my lack of exercise I lost some of my muscle mass and put on some fat instead. If I went and had a body fat analysis done at the University of British Columbia I am sure it would show exactly that.

So now I know, this is one of those “opinions” that is for real. I have been back at the gym more regularly for the last 2 weeks and already noticing a difference in how my clothes feel.

For those of you just starting your program or in the middle somewhere I hope my lesson registers the importance of physical activity. Start at the level you can. When I was over 400lbs I started by walking a half a block to a nearby park, sitting for 5 min and walking back. From that humble beginning I ran a half marathon last fall.

Write me and let me know what kind of physical activity you are doing. I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Joe Says:

    I often tell myself my waistband must’ve shrunk in the dryer, but thanks for the article which forces me to face facts – I need to get back into regular exercise.

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