Weight Loss Your Own Way – The Biggest Loser Blog – Season 11 Episode Four

What a shocker on this evening’s episode!   I can’t remember anyone ever gaining more than about 3 pounds and that was after going home for two weeks.   Don’s 8 pound gain is certainly one for the record books.   I wonder when he was able to sneak food or binge eat as I would think other contestants are around all the time? It certainly goes to show you a food addict can always find food no matter where they are.

I had thought about titling this article; “The Big Lie” but I have decided to look at this from a different perspective.   Our lives are our own journey.   While we get wrapped up in what our family, friends or others think of us, in the end we live according to our own decisions.

From what we saw on the show, Don and Dan never really seemed to fit in.   Their personalities seemed very guarded and unemotional.   When I think of it, it is very much in line with their careers in law enforcement.      Policemen cannot wear their emotions on their sleeves, they train to stay calm and present in some of the most difficult situations imaginable.   Whatever the challenge they can handle it, at least in short duration.   I am sure this carries over into their personal lives and expresses itself in eating away their stresses.

So throw them into a tight knit community to deal with obesity and emotional eating is going to be a real challenge.   They are used to being in charge, respected and setting the ground rules.   I noticed a certain arrogance right away that I thought was going to be interesting in how they would do on the show.

They did not do well as we saw.   They stuck to themselves and did it their way.   I don’t take anything away from them for being on the show.  I think they honestly thought the show would give them great success as it has many others and interestingly enough, depending on how you look at it, it did.  I would say their stay on The Biggest Loser was a catalyst that has helped them be successful at home.  Many times a change of environment or a push start is that is needed.  Whether they have the skills for long term success time will tell.

I think it would have shown more fortitude to be honest and just admit The Biggest Loser was just not for them and asked to be voted out, but I guess that was just too frightening.   They certainly would have had to deal with a lot of ridicule from the other contestants.

There are many ways to get back on the road to a healthy weight and no matter what every ones opinion is, we all have to make that decision for ourselves.

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