Weight Loss Mindset – Hanna Figures it out- Biggest Loser Blog – Season 11 Episode Fifteen

I featured Hanna in last week’s article; however, something she said this week was so important that I needed to write about her again.

“No, I can’t do it!” vs  “Yes, I can do it!”

You may have heard the saying “If you think you can’t, you’re probably right and if you think you can, you’re also probably right”.  What we can and can’t do is based on where we focus.

It was moving to see how shocked Hanna was when this light bulb turned on for her.   She had lived her life for so many years from “No, I can’t” that it actually became the norm for her.  I think that for most of us who struggle or struggled with weight loss and food addiction saying “No, I can’t” becomes such an automatic response that it does not even raise a sliver of doubt.  It becomes our default position in life…. an automatic robotic “No, I can’t”.

I believe this mindset is one of the biggest contributors to the prison that obese people lock themselves in.  How many times have we all said or heard “I can’t lose weight, I can’t exercise, I can’t stop binging”…. “I can’t” ….. “I can’t”…..  Do you hear how global and all consuming this statement is, how it locks us in, as if “I can’t” is who we are?

What we see from Hanna and other Biggest Loser contestants is that in fact they can!  Now I agree, they do get a kick in the butt now and again but if needed or more importantly wanted, we can all find people to support us in similar ways.

For my clients the place we start with is with a simple question to ask when our automatic “No, I can’t” blurts out.   That is, ask the question “Is it true?”   Now if your response is “Yes, it is true”, I would encourage you to ask some follow up questions…… is there anyone in the world, in a similar situation to mine that has ever found a way to turn a similar situation around? Or……  if I used some creativity, is there a way I could modify the situation so that it will work for me now? Or…. is there one tiny thing I could do right now or today that will put me in the “Yes, I can do it” direction?

Now be clear, I’m not talking about the big stuff, like if someone asks you to run a marathon with them today, the answer is pretty obvious; however what I do ask is  be creative and question that automatic “No, I can’t”.  For instance your marathon might be walking for 10 minutes or not eating after dinner or even missing that mid afternoon trip to the office candy machine.   How can you say “yes, I can” but do it your own way?  The way that has you feel accomplished and proud of yourself.

Hanna and the other contestants on The Biggest Loser are no different than you.   They have lived for years with that same message “No, I can’t”; however, now they are learning what a sham and lie that has been.

You don’t need to be on a TV show to stop food addictions and move forward towards the healthy happy life that you deserve.   Start now, today and start questioning that automatic “No, I can’t” and you will be amazed how quickly it turns into “Yes, I can”.

I would really like to hear your comments on today’s post.   Let me know what you think and how it might affect your life.

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