Weight Loss Adds 19 Years to Moses Life Biggest Loser Blog Season 11 Episode Eleven

I am not a big fan of the “fear method” of weight loss.  This is the method that many doctors use and in my opinion should go on the shelf right next to the “Just say ‘No’” diet.   It is both ineffective and in many cases just adds to the problem.

You know the saying, “If I had a nickel every time a doctor played the fear card, I would be a wealthy person”.   Well it’s true.   Doctors are used to fixing problems with, “Take these pills” or “Have this surgery”.  This works well for most illnesses or accidents but for food addictions, it very rarely works.    From my experience, the stress caused by less-than-empathic doctors usually just adds to the pressure, negative self talk and the compulsion to overeat or go on a binge.

Not to say that Doctors are obligated to tell the patient about some of the risks and concerns but patients should be referred onto people that are trained to work with food addicts.

So what does this have to do with The Biggest Loser?   Well. in the past, I’ve had issues with episodes that featured Dr. Huizenga.   I see his job on The Biggest Loser as using the same outdated fear mongering that health professionals who have no idea how to treat addictions fall into.     However this episode was different and actually gives me a new way to view Dr. Huizenga.

You see, Moses met with Dr. Huizenga and learned that from his baseline health scores when he started on the show to where he is now he gained 19 more years of life.   What an amazing statistic and also another fantastic reward that Moses can hang up on the wall.

So why my change of opinion or has it really changed?

Well actually my opinion has not changed because while the opening season segment with Dr. Huizenga  is extremely negative and fear based, The Biggest Loser as a whole provides an entire environment for the contestants to do something about it.   It is the system that turns the negativity and fear into looking forward and changing their lives.   This is so much different than just showing up at a doctor’s office and having them try to motivate you with fear.

So why did I write this article?   First of all to acknowledge Moses, his hard work paid off more then he imagined.   Also to point out what an amazingly short period of time (2 months) can do.    As a former very obese person I know at times it seems like the effort needed for a reward is insurmountable.    On The Biggest Loser, we see how massive improvements can be made is short periods of time.  Now before you go off on “Well they’re on The Biggest Loser” first remember, many more people win the battle of obesity then the 12 people that are on that show.  For example, how many times have we seen family members of the contestants lose massive amounts of weight?

What is important to ask yourself is what if it takes you six months or a year?  Is that not worth it?  If someone offered you an extra 19 years for 6 months or even a year of effort, I think that’s a pretty sweet deal!

The truth is it is not 6 months, 1 year or even 5 years of effort.   If you want to know one of the great secrets on weight loss, it is making a commitment for life.  Slimming down is just the first small part of the journey.

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