The Inner Guide to the Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 8

When I write my blog posts about The Biggest Loser, I try to not make them too long and try to stick to one or maybe two main “ah ha” moments.  These are moments that I plug into my head to help me stay inspired, keep food addictions at bay and keep 170lbs of fat off my body.   Tonight’s episode had a few excellent segments but I think the most powerful for me was when the worker, Steve, at the food distribution depot, came into the lunch room and chatted with all the biggest loser contestants.

First thing that hit me is how courageous this man was to be so venerable in front of the cameras?  My guess is that during the work day, some savvy producer saw this fellow interacting with some of the contestants and thought wow…… this would make a great segment.  We have a person, desperately over weight, feeling stuck and hopeless basically in the same place each of the contestants was before they got on the show.    How perfect….. a glimpse of the past for everyone to see.

Steve was a real gift to me…… you see I was Steve…. even my name is the same.   I remember when I topped the scales at over 400lbs and felt alone, defeated and trapped.   If you had asked me how I got there, I would have responded the same as Steve….. I’m not sure…. it just happened.  One day I woke up and was trapped in a body that would not move.   Feeling hopeless, depressed and not knowing how to turn it around…… where to start… seemed insurmountable!

I think Steve got some good advice.   Start walking…… walk one block …. then two…….  Funny enough this is how I started, however my legs hurt so bad I started with a half a block twice per day.  Amazing how that half block turned into a half marathon that I ran this fall.   When I think back becoming healthy is such a similar process to becoming obese.  To become obese you start out slowly, become sedentary, eat a little too much of this and that, become depressed…. hopeless…. and wala!!! Like magic, over time we become obese, feel trapped, embarrassed and wonder where has all the fun in life gone?

So to become slim and healthy, it is exactly the opposite.  Start small, walk a bit, gain confidence…… become a bit picky about what goes into your mouth….. start feeling proud, “Ya I can do it”.  It is process of action over time.

Knowing what I know now, and as a weight loss coach there are a few things I would have added when giving advice to Steve.  I would have said all the advice in the world is not going to get you where you want to go unless you take action….. so Steve, what is one thing you are going to do today to move yourself forward?

It comes down to the theme song of The Biggest Loser; “What have you done today to make yourself feel proud”?    If you do that, every day…… you will turn your life around and live your dreams in a slim healthy body.

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