The Inner Guide to the Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 7

While the Olympics had many inspiring moments including some good lessons that I will write more about in my blog, I certainly missed my Tuesday nights Biggest Loser ritual.    The Biggest Loser is part of my strategy to stay slim and healthy, which is why I highly recommend my clients to watch it also. It is one of the tools that has helped me keep 170lbs off for over 5 years.

Tonight’s show was not my favorite kind of episode.   I am much like Bob and Jillian and not crazy about the game playing aspect of the show.  I understand it is needed for entertainment but for me it is not very exciting and loses the point of the show which is changing people’s lives that are suffering from obesity.  How do people that felt hopeless and defeated (like I used too) deal with food addictions and recreate their lives??  To me, that is all the drama and theater I need to turn on the TV every Tuesday night.

Jillian’s attitude after getting over being shocked at Michael’s team choices was perfect….. after first blowing her stack(using the F word), she then said something like…. ‘oh well, let’s get on with it”.   No long discussions, bitching and moaning.   She said her peace and then got down to business; let’s do what we are here to do.

This was the big lesson of the show.  I think it is also a lesson easily missed if you are super concentrated in the games – entertainment part of the show.   So the lesson is this; Stuff happens……. we have likes, dislikes, failures, stresses and good and bad things happen to us all the time.  As long as our heart is beating we will always have “Michaels (husbands, wife’s, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends, kids, co-workers, bosses…..)” in our lives doing things, making decisions we might not like or much worse.

It is always going to be our inner response to, “this stuff” that is going to determine the quality of our lives.

And………even though we all at times still struggle with “this stuff” and get tempted to use food to dull the pain, the thing to remember is it will never stop! You can try every diet known to man, meditate, pray or whatever, but “stuff” is still going to happen.    It will never stop, right?

Think about it this way, when you are on the healthy path “the stuff” has not changed…. being upset is still upset!  Certainly the food has not changed.    A hamburger is hamburger, a doughnut is a doughnut and certainly a pint of Hagen Daz is still a pint of Hagen Daz.   So what is it, what makes the difference that allows us to put “this stuff” in its rightful place and not throw us into a tail spin and run for the Twinkies?

I think the healthy answer we all have to see was how Jillian responded.     She didn’t go ‘poor me, who am I to not like something, I shouldn’t say anything, they shouldn’t’…….. Nope, she owned her anger in the moment and didn’t care what anyone thought of her.  She said what she needed to, then got on with what she believes in and is hired to do.    Can you imagine Jillian heading home and downing a bag of Doritos because of something that happened on the show? It’s actually a pretty ludicrous picture, don’t you agree?

When you make having a healthy lifestyle the absolute most important value for you…. it is your calling, your job, then “the stuff” in your life stays separate for you to deal with and does not mix with what you choose to put in your mouth.

The serenity prayer from Alcoholics Anonymous comes to mind.  “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.

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