The Inner Guide to the Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 19

The Grand Finale

My purpose for writing my Biggest Loser blog is to focus on the weight loss aspect of the show, and so I rarely comment on the game part of the show.   However, I have been a fan of Mike’s ever since the episode in which he had to reorganize the teams.

I would call winning that role, “the booby prize” as whoever has had do that in the past is disliked by the other contestants and gets tons of negative forum posts.   It’s  a lose – lose position, as you will never please everyone.

However in Mike’s case, he made it through with hardly a blemish.   It didn’t hurt that his team dominated most of the challenges, but still, his attitude seemed to be “I did what I thought was right” and left it at that.

Congratulations Mike and thanks for really being there!!   You shared so much from your heart; I really admire your courage.

I want to comment on something Sam said. Did you catch it?  He said something like; “I couldn’t do it like Sam did it, I had to become a lion”.

What a profound and true statement.  He could not be on The Biggest Loser campus and continue with his old story.  It would not work, he had to create a new story, Sam the Lion story.

To me, this is the main reason The Biggest Loser is such a popular show.  All of the contestants have to create new stories and we get to watch them go through this process.  It is great drama and as thrilling as watching a heroic movie.  The fallen, fearful, and imprisoned claw their way through the mud (their old stories) to finally arrive on top.

Now in truth, we have all had to overcome great hurdles in our lives.  The trick is to reconnect with these wins and use them to re energize and overcome new challenges.  Here’s an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) process that will help you reconnect to your wining spirit.   You might want to have someone go through this slowly with you or record yourself reading it.

Close your eyes and think back to a time when you were really struggling with something and overcame it …… maybe something at school, work or a relationship…………………….

Were you worried…. trouble sleeping……overcome with fear of what might happen?    Just get a sense of it……………   Good……………

Now, float up and move forward in time to when your problem was resolved.  Go into your body and see the world as you saw it then………….. What feelings are you feeling….. do you have a big smile on your face…. feel those proud feelings….. let those feelings start at your toes and explode out of the top of your head………………  add some music, maybe the theme to the movie Rocky……. ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really let yourself feel and acknowledge your accomplishment………….

Great!  Now, with this sense of accomplishment, knowing that you did it……. give yourself a small, well-defined goal that you are going to achieve today.

Now, the last part of this exercise is once you have achieved that goal today, celebrate it…… give yourself a high five. Ya!!!!!!!!!!!  Acknowledge you have the power and tenacity to meet challenges and overcome them.

This is the last official post for this season.  However, I am going to be watching some of the episodes again and will post more comments and tips to help you lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life!

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All the best, my Biggest Loser Friends,


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