The Inner Guide to the Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 14

The Inner Guide to the Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 14

Take your opinion and shove it!  In a nutshell that is what Victoria had to say to Koli.     I found it very refreshing and made me feel especially proud of Victoria for standing on her two feet, believing in herself and finding her own path.

In previous blog posts I have stated how much I admire Koli for his determination and work ethic however that does not mean I believe Koli has the answer for everyone.   One of the real traps in the weight loss game and in life in general is to want to find “the way”, “the answer”, “the secret” and then go merrily on our lives. The other big trap is, if we find something that works for us is to form “a religion” around it and defend it.   By that I mean, believe your discovery; food, exercise routine…. or whatever is the only way.     I’m sure you know what I mean….. Weight Watchers is the best, no…. Jenny Craig….. no high protein…, exercise………….  

What we all have a tendency to do is the same as what Koli has done.  Stand on the alter and preach, If you don’t work out until you puke or almost pass out your a slacker and not going to reach your goal.   What hog wash! 

The truth is there are hundreds of ways and combinations of ways to lose weight and keep it off. I lost over 170 lbs and kept if off for over 6 years now.  I can tell you my eating choices and exercise choices have change many times over these years.   Yes, I even had my Koli fanatical phase, however it is impossible to have a life and keep up that kind of intensity.

Actually if I have anything to preach myself it is just that, stay flexible…. stick with something for a while and then change it….. don’t get so stuck or married to one food plan or exercise routine that you are devastated when it no longer fits your lifestyle or your get bored from it.

I am not knocking Koli, as one of the phases we all go through in weight loss is being a fanatic…..however just as Victoria found life does change (getting voted off) and you need to be able to adapt.   I hope Koli is able to transition in the years after the show is over and keep a healthy life style. It’s pretty impossible to workout 6 hours a day, work and have any kind of life.

Anyway, back to Victoria.  I really enjoyed her sweet, open, honesty in the few weeks she was on the show.   Maybe because she was not on from the beginning she never seemed to fit in, however, to her credit she got what she came for.  

I loved the last section that focused on her and her mom.  Wow….. Cherita, did it at home ….. awesome!  What a great lesson for those using the excuse if they were only on the show they would lose weight.

This week I challenge you to take some action that makes you feel good about yourself and if others don’t like it, let them not like it.

All the best to my Biggest Loser Family,


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