The Inner Guide to the Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 13

Before I get into this week’s Biggest Loser review, if you did not have a chance to hear my interview on Family Focus radio it is still featured here. I talk about several issues around family obesity (I grew up obese in an obese family) and also why The Biggest Loser is such a great learning tool.

This week’s episode was another entertaining show that offered us several good topics.  Many times I find it difficult to narrow the focus down to just one thing.  But in this week’s post I am going to talk about one thing, the word “why” which came up a few times during the show.

“Why” pick “Why” as a topic you ask?  Good question!  If you watch The Biggest Loser for motivation understanding the word “why” is extremely important, as that single word can be huge a motivation killer.   As a matter of fact of all the questions you can ask yourself asking a “why” question has the biggest potential to confuse and cause frustration.

Imagine this, it’s late at night, you’re driving in a raging snow storm and you get a flat tire.   Do you really want to know “why” and if you did know “why” what is that going to do to help the situation.  You see when asking the question “why” we have to come up with an answer…….  I ran over a nail….. I should have checked the air pressure….. the tire is old……  my mechanic said to get new tires but I could not afford them…….  I could come up with dozens of reasons on “why” however do they help me right now?  Nope, right now I need to know “how” I am going to get the tire fixed.

 Let’s look at a typical “why” questions around weight.   Why am I so fat….. why did I get this big….. why did I eat this….. why am I so stupid and lazy,  why don’t I exercise…. why don’t I have any will power…… why, why, why oh why …… .   The real problem is “why” it takes you nowhere; it’s a circular question and does not give you an action to take to where you want to go.   You can easily get stuck in a loop of “why’s”, creating all kinds of reasons, but in the end most of it does not matter and worse can start a blame game…… because my mother, my father, my genes, my school, McDonalds, too tired, hate my job, love food to much, born weak willed,…… on and on………..

Now, not to completely bash the word “why” as it does have its place in overall growth but for motivation it is the worst question.

As someone that has lost 170 lbs and is a Masters Level in Neuro Linguistic Programming I know you, like me are looking for motivation.   Motivating questions are “how”, “when”, what”, “where”.

How do I prepare to eat well tomorrow?   How do I go out to eat and still stay on my food program?  When is the best time for me to walk for 20 minutes so I don’t put it off?  What can I do today to keep me on track?  What can I do instead of eating from the candy machine during work breaks?  What foods should I keep out of the house so I am not tempted?  Where do I want to be in 1 month, 6 months……?

These are all questions with solid, actionable answers…….they lead you to move, make decisions and find solutions.

If you want to stay motivated, use these other questions often and leave the “why’s” to when you have time for a bit of reflections.

This week I challenge you to turn you “why” questions into “how”, “when”, “what” and “why”.

All the best to my Biggest Loser Family,


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