The Inner Guide to the Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 12

This week I was a featured interview on Family Focus Radio.   I had an opportunity to endorse The Biggest Loser as a great tool for weight loss and one that helps me keep 170 lbs lost.  I grew up in an family where my mom and siblings were all obese so I certainly understand the issue of childhood obesity from living it.  You can listen to the interview by clicking here.

What is so eye opening about The Biggest Loser is that we get to see the same difficult issues many of us deal with, or many times avoid, displayed in public by the contestants?  As I have said before, I really admire the contestants for that, as it requires a lot of courage to be vulnerable normally, but with the cameras rolling, wow, take it up a few notches!

If you look at your or someone else’s overweight body, you are looking at life problems displayed on the outside.   I know it’s kind of unfair if you think about it as most other addictions are internal.  You can walk by people with other addictions like gambling, alcohol, sex, drugs, TV, Internet, shopping etc… but you don’t see anything noticeable.  However, someone struggling using food as an addiction, wears their problems on the outside of their body, it’s like a big flag “I Can’t Deal With Something”.

In this regard I think Jillian really hit the issue with Sunshine and O’Neal right on the head.   Those of us with kids can certainly relate how much we want to protect our kids and keep them from experiencing life’s pains.  That somehow if we stay close, offer our support, guidance and wisdom (even when they don’t want it) our kids will have easier lives than ours or at least won’t get hurt.

This is absolutely needed especially when our kids are young and growing up however, when this extends past teenage years and into adulthood, unhealthy dependencies occur.   What actually happens is the exact opposite of what we set out to do.  We are sending signals that we don’t trust or believe that our children can make it and what’s worse is they start getting this message and doubt themselves.  Sunshine is a good example of this.

It was wonderful to see the interaction between Sunshine and Jillian and then between Sunshine and O’Neal.   O’Neal knew deep down the dependency was not healthy for either of them.  I liked how he even physically showed his new understanding with his hands…… they are two separate people, with separate lives.  They come together as two people that love, care, and respect each other but let each other have their own lives.

If you do listen to my radio interview on Family Focus, I offered a free copy of my ebook “Mom I know you love me, why are you killing me?”  If you register for my weight loss tools and teleclasses on my blog, I will send you a copy for free also.

This week lets all look at our relationships and see if we need to re evaluate as Sunshine and O’Neal have.

All the best to my Biggest Loser Family,


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