The Inner Guide to the Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 11

We just got back in the door from the airport to watch this week’s Biggest Loser episode.  First I want to report that we had a great week away in LA. I modified my exercise program to outdoor activity including 2 hour hikes around the beach.  I also stayed consistent on my food plan by eating at healthy restaurants or by picking up food at local grocery stores.  Besides from eating healthy it’s a great way to save money!  I plan on writing an article or ebook on ways to eat healthy while traveling soon.

While my main reason for watching The Biggest Loser is as a tool to support me and my clients about lifetime weight loss I really want to acknowledge the writers and producers of the show for providing such excellent entertainment.    This week’s twist of voting back a voted off player was certainly emotional. My eyes got awfully wet listening to the

pleas especially about Victoria.  I felt for all the voted off contestants, I’m sure it felt like torture.  In the end I was glad Victoria got her chance.    As Bob said, this season’s group are really a nice group of people.

The one point that really stood out for me was Sam’s reaction to losing 2 pounds as it showed enormous maturity and growth.   To paraphrase, he said, you do the work, you follow your exercise program, and you follow your food program…. that is all you can do.  Then accept the results that happen. I wish somehow the show had a ticker like CNN on the bottom of the screen scrolling by repeating what Sam said over and over.

This is reality….. really…..  you exercise and eat healthy and then you body will do what it does.  If that means losing 1 pound or 5 pounds a week it does what it does.  The danger is getting wrapped up in the loss game; this is about a lifestyle shift not reaching a certain weight goal   I understand this does not make for good television.  Remember, “the game” is for the contestants, not you and me.    We get to enjoy, be entertained and learn some great lessons if you pay attention and not get wrapped up in losing a gazillion pounds every week.

One more thing about Sam that Jillian touched on a couple of weeks ago regarding muscle growth.   The scale only gives partial information.   You do not get to see the water fluctuation or muscle growth.   For myself I lost 170lb of fat however I also gained 20 lbs of muscle.   I go to the University of British Columbia exercise lab where they have a special computerized water tank that gives you an extremely accurate reading of your body’s muscle, fat and water ratios.  The last time I went it showed out of a 10 pound weight loss, I had actually gained 4 pounds of muscle.  So I actually lost more fat as it was replaced with muscle.   That proves how important it is to not put all the emphasis on the scale.  Even if your scale shows 0 that does not mean you have not lost fat.   If you are exercising you could have lost 5 pounds of fat and gained 5 pounds of muscle which is a great way to look good and rev up your metabolism.

What is it going to take to make you one of the 5% that keep lost weight lost?  Don’t be one of the 95%!

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