Eating Your Resentments; Not The Tastiest Binge Choice -The Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 08

The Biggest Loser Chat boards continue to be filled with comments by people that are fed up with the game playing and negative personalities on this year’s show. Many people are saying they are going to stop watching or wait until the finale.    I hope the show’s producers are paying careful attention.   People want The Biggest Loser to be inspiring and not become the same old drama that they can get from any other show on TV.

Now saying that, if you can manage not to get upset with the game playing and abrasive personalities, I thought this week’s episode had a few excellent segments.

The one that really stood out was after Brandon had picked a partner for the week’s weigh-in, and Bob gave Ada the opportunity to speak her mind.   I think it was pretty clear to all of us how betrayed and hurt she felt, however when Bob asked her to address how she was felt, she said very little.   As she was struggling to express herself, I was cheering her on to call out Brandon for breaking their alliance and betraying her.   However, she did not.

We think obesity is a problem of food, it is not.  Food is substance we can use to quell the negative feelings we are holding inside.   How often is it some kind of injustice, or hurt that triggers a binge for you?  I’m sorry, but those Twinkies and Hagen Daz will never replace courage. The courage to own your feelings and express them.

Now, would it have changed the outcome of the show if Ada had spoken up when she had the opportunity?  No, not really; nothing would have changed (on the outside)…. except…. if Ada would have stood up for herself and told the bully exactly what she thought, she could have felt proud of herself, and most of America watching the show would have cheered her on.

People wonder why they keep failing at diets.   This is it: resentment is powerful negative influence. Learn how to stand up, speak your mind and notice how much less you need to fret about diets and binging!   With the trigger gone, you will gain the freedom.

My challenge to you this week is to notice what it is that triggers you to binge eat.  What are those emotions that have you wound in a knot that only a binge seems to put at ease?   I am not saying it is easy, and it might even require you to go and ask for some help or guidance, but learning how to handle emotional difficulties is the best diet anyone can be on.

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