Picking Your Fights – Anger The #1 Cause of Binge Eating – Biggest Loser Blog Season 10 Episode 06

Well I am glad to say we finally had an episode where I felt the emphasis was on food addiction and not on personalities or game playing.    Some of these last episodes have been like watching “Survivor” or “The Apprentice”.   I know I am not the only one feeling this way as The Biggest Loser forum is loaded with comments about people struggling to connect with the contestants.     People watch because they want to relate to and be inspired by people overcoming lifelong obstacles, not because they enjoy the scheming for the $250,000.

There were several good interactions on the show, but what caught my attention  is a place where a lot of us get stuck, or feel helpless around binge eating: when we are angry.

The scene where the teams had to guess the calories in the dessert seemed to really stick out.   It was impossible to not notice how upset Frado got during this segment.     To the other team members and I think the viewers, it was really over the top.

Now in Frado’s defence I have to admit I have gotten angry many times over things that in the big picture really do not matter.   I would bet many of you have also fallen into this same situation.

Here is the problem.  One of the biggest triggers for binge eating I have and that my clients have is around anger.   No other emotion can jump start that addictive urge like anger.   In the situations where we have little or no control on the outcome, the urge to binge eat is even more charged up.

From what we have seen from Frado’s personality, anger is one of the biggest reasons for him struggling with obesity.   If you’re angry and cannot find any emotional resolution, then the tool that works best for the food addict is stuffing yourself (at least temporarily).   The truth we all know very well is that after the binge, we get to experience a heavy dose of self hate.   Then we get to crank up the anger even more against ourselves.

For me, one of the biggest reasons for keeping the 170 lbs lost is developing the skill to pick my fights.   If the issue is something that I have no hope in resolving (eg. guessing how many calories in a dessert, or not wanting to pay my taxes), I have to choose: is getting angry and possibly waking the binge monster worth it?

Now I am no push over and will certainly stand up for myself, my family and my friends, however when I get into areas that simply do not matter or I have no hope in controlling, my continued good health is simply more important.

In closing, one of the things I say to my clients is don’t just agree with everything I say.   Go out and see if it is true for you.     So this week my challenge for you is to notice if anger plays a role in your eating.    Let me know what you find out.

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