The Inner Guide to the Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 01

The Weight Loss Mind Set – Get Ready to Pay It Forward?

Welcome back everyone! Did anyone else feel like it was ages since last season?   I went through withdrawals in the spring after a great season and was pleasantly surprised how much I was drawn into this weeks first episode.

I know it was nothing earth shattering, but to hear about peoples pain and recommit to living their lives fully is inspirational.   My eyes well up a few times watching the effort and determination displayed.   I only wish all of the finalist could be at the ranch, however as we know the people that did not make with probably have another chance down the road.

So since my blog is “The Inner Guide to the Biggest Loser” let me discuss some inner stuff.   This season’s motto is “Pay it Forward”.  By coincidence my wife and I rented the movie a few weeks ago.  What I took away from the movie was the gift the giver receives is in proportion to how difficult it is to give the gift.

We all have our stories, pains, reasons but when the opportunity comes you either move on it or find an excuse.   If we listen closely to all of the contestants stories I agree some are truly heart wrenching, however in the end when an opportunity is presented do you embrace it, accept the challenge or repeat just your story……. I can’t because?

The Biggest Loser is inspirational for this reason.   Contestants have got to put their stories aside and become much bigger than the limitations they have set for themselves in the past.   They “Pay It Forward” to us, the viewer by not stopping where they usually stop.

So what did I get personally?   For a long time I have been thinking about hiring a personal trainer again, but kept coming up with excuses.   The day after episode one I hired a trainer.

What step can you take to move yourself forward?  One small step that announces to yourself that you are bigger then all voices that say you can’t.

I look forward to being with you all and writing my posts after each episode.

Thank you for all the kind messages I received last season.

Remember, it’s not about losing weight; it’s about keeping it off and living a healthy life style.

All the best,


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