The Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 6

You have to admire the courage displayed by all the contestants on The Biggest Loser.   If you consider that most of us that struggle even a little with weight issues would prefer to be invisible and not stand out.   How many of us say to ourselves; “when I lose the weight I will be more outgoing”, “I will date”, I will stand up for myself, “I will go after my dreams”………….

On the Biggest Loser, we are privileged to see a group of extraordinary people that have literally jumped off the cliff.  They have had to put a huge chunk of worrying what others think of them on the back burner for sure.

This is reality TV and we get to hear, see and judge every, word, grunt, facial expression, and wiggly-jiggly body part.   As a contestant, you even lose all control of how the producers and editors manipulate scenes for more entertainment value.   It is for this reason if I find a personality I don’t particularly like on the show, I always wonder is it because I do not know the entire story or has it been edited with things taken out of context? This is what I spoke about in my review on Episode 4 when the red team had to give away penalties.

This was an inspiring show and my hats off to the producers or whoever had the idea to have a show featured at the Olympic Training Center in Denver.   This is where people go to make their dreams come true.

In this review I want to focus on Koli of the gray team.   I have mentioned this team in a few reviews and Koli’s incredible honesty and vulnerability was very special in this week’s episode.   He was feeling less deserving as John left the show and what he said with tears streaming down his face was “I want to run so bad”.

People with addictions, no matter if food, alcohol, drugs, sex…….. want to run.   We want to hide and drown our pain in whatever the addiction we have chosen.  For me, Kodi was me, my clients and all addicts when he said he wanted to run.   The absolute amazing part, that I want everyone to “get”, is that he had the guts to actually say it!  He had the balls to say the truth of what was going on for him!

Now here is the secret, and the tough part most people do not get.   It is by Kodi being courageous and vulnerable; by risking that people might think he is weak or not a man……. he is affirming and strengthening himself to change his life and turn the corner on his food addictions.   If we had the chance to talk to Koli, I would almost guarantee that he would affirm that that part of the show was a huge turning point for him.   He met his pain, greatest fear and spoke it for the world to hear.

When you make a stand, face your pain and do not run, that is when you have taken a big bite out of the addiction dragon.  Guaranteed!

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Health and Happiness,  Steve

PS. Remember, it’s not about losing weight; it’s about keeping it off.

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  1. Sarah Says:

    I can really relate to this blog! As a person recovering from multiple addictions I have spent many years trying to drown my pain.What Steve said makes so much sense to me. By becoming more honest and vulnerable like Kodi we can begin to realize our greatest fear. My greatest fear is the fear to beat my addictions,especially with food. After reading this blog I am begining to realize that to be succesful I have to let other people help me in my recovery- to let people hear how I really feel.

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