The Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 5

I enjoyed this week’s episode so much I found a place on the internet to watch it again.  What an inspiring show!  It covered several areas that are key to losing weight and more importantly, keeping it off. I could write pages, but here are some of the highlights.

In the first section of the show, the yellow and blue teams returned to campus to weight in and see who would come back to the ranch full-time.   I was touched by both teams and how much progress they had made both physically and emotionally.  Interesting….. they did it away from the ranch, but how?………….

It’s amazing when you get your head in the right place, there is no option but to succeed.

I heard both teams say things like “I was not going to be defeated” or “Failure is not an option”.

O’Neill hit on one the biggest secrets of keeping the weight off when he said ……. “I look forward to my success so I can then connect to the obese community and help them realize that they can do it also.”   Connecting and sharing your success is vital to your prolonged success. If you look at Weight watchers, Tops and other weight loss organizations it is almost always former obese people that are in charge and run meetings.   This keeps them connected to where they came from and reminded of what is needed to move forward and stay slim.   Personally, this is the main reason I have moved my practice from executive and business coaching to working with obese individuals. It is my life calling to help others slay the dragon of obesity! To help others join the five percent club of losers that have kept in a healthy weight range for over 5 years.

Sadly, the blue team had to go home, but not before Cherita gave us her wisdom… “we will go back to the ranch we created at home”.   What a gem!  If anyone wants to know the secret of weight loss and keeping it off, that is it.  It’s not the high protein, not the low fat, not the drink more water……….

Remember, it’s easy to lose weight, you have done it many times, but to join the five percent club off you must…

Create an environment to support you.

That is what Cherita has done and that is why she has the confidence to go home and follow her dreams.   This is also what O’Neil knows instinctively when he returns home.

When people ask me what I do as a weight loss coach that is different from all the other diet guru’s and miracle diets…..  That is it, we work together to create an environment of weight loss success for you.   With that environment, you cannot fail!  Impossible to fail!

There were many more great points during this show.  When I have time, I will write another blog post on this show.

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Health and Happiness,  Steve

PS. Remember, it’s not about losing weight; it’s about keeping it off.

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  1. Jane Says:

    Reading Steve’s blog has inspired me to try harder.Like the biggest loser’s I need to be in a supportive environment, especially at home or around my family. To be succesful I also have to change people’s attitutudes toward me. I need to beleive I am going to succeed this time and not listen to what other people think.Cherita has figured this out.She will definately accomplish her goals!

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