The Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 4

Hi Everyone,

Here is my review of this week’s Biggest Loser episode; Season 9 Episode 4.   My reason for writing this is to point out more of the subtle points of the show.  My clients know I am a big fan.  The show is both good entertainment and more importantly has excellent lessons on motivation and relationships.

The show started with Mike of the white team getting more feedback from the other contestants about him stepping up and working harder.  Whether the majority’s perception of Mike not working hard enough is correct or not it is positive that it is all out in the open.   People are free to share how they feel, plus Mike is in a place to listen and then make his own decision.  While Mike is a bit bitter and stunned at what he thinks is no one’s business, it is healthier for him to hear it to his face instead of just being talked about behind his back.

The immunity card game was a creative way to exercise in a fun competitive way.   An important point for everyone is to find new ways to exercise.   It does not really matter what that is, as long as you move your body, and increase your breathing rate.   We can easily become bored if we try to make ourselves do the same gym routine all the time.

While the winner of the challenge was the red team, I would really call it the booby prize. By having to dole out disadvantages to other teams they put a big x on their own backs.  No matter what reasoning they use, in the end people are not going to be happy.   This is the same thing that happened in last fall’s season when Tracy became an outcast and was scorned.  I actually admired Tracy for sticking to her guns and not backing down.  It certainly is not an enjoyable position as the red team has learned.

I look at the interactions with the red team and Bob and Jillian as very healthy.   In reality we don’t really know what the red team did, we only have our story, our belief only. I liked Bob’s comment to Melissa about joining Jillian for some boxing.   Go ahead it could be interesting.   I like that spirit, whatever is going to happen, it is not the end of the world.  We all tend to shun confrontation, and then harbour resentments.   This was a good example of facing the issue head on with everyone having their say.  It did not resolve, but everyone had a chance to voice their opinion.

The gray team came through again as having big hearts and lots of class. They won the next climbing event and awarded calls home to the other teams in a very heartfelt way.

I was glad to see the teams push each other on the last chance workout.   Even Michael of the white team was motivated to push himself.   I loved what he said “It’s not an option to quit”.   That statement is so powerful and makes stopping or failing impossible. To him he has no option.   When any of us get into this kind of frame of mind, anything is possible.

I was disappointed with Miggy and Migdalia especially Migdalia at the end of the show.   That giant chip on her shoulder whether justified or not is what is keeping the weight on her body.  It is that quiet victim position that most of the time backfires for most of us.   I say most of the time because if she can turn the “victim”, “unfair” place to one of anger   i.e. they are not going to get the best of me, then she would gain a great sense of power from it.   However so many times I see victim positions as breeding grounds for resentment and self hate. I would not be surprised if her success at home is minimal. I hope she finds a way out.

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