The Biggest Loser – Season 9 – Episode 1

We’re off to another motivating and exciting season!   I generally find the first episode to be particularly emotional.   This show like most first shows, allows everyone to tell their stories.  What was the price they have paid for being obese? Most stories are very similar:  isolation, self hate, depression, loneliness, despair…….   trapped with no way out.    One of the fellows was crying  and talked about never having a girl friend…… this was also one of my issues for many years and it seemed like others on the show had similar issues around love.

As they took turns sharing little snippets, I thought back to to the pain and anguish I suffered with for most of my life.   While I am grateful they they do not consume my life, I glad for the reminder of what it used to be .

This is actually one of the powerful aspects of the show.  I know that sounds odd, but to have a forum to publicly share pain and sorrow is important.  It allows the contestants and viewers a like, to bond with each other…… we all know the pain…..

There is also a very powerful learning tool in remembering one’s past pain.    When looking back on past pain especially difficult times, we many times have the choice  to avoid it.   The pain of letting ourselves become obese and losing the life we were meant to live can be a huge wake up call to try again.   You don’t have to live in the pain or wallow in the pain….. but keep it close, remember those feelings, they can be very motivating when temptations grow and you have choices to make.

I notice on some of the chat boards people had very different reactions to the public weigh ins on this episode.   In the past ,during the first episode everyone steps on the scales.  This is generally embarrassing and painful.  However, this season was a shocker, as each contestant was weighed in front of a home town audience.     Now my heart goes out to all of  them, talk about difficult.  That took tremendous courage.  However, what a motivational experience!      Many times we use accountability partners in weight loss.  We tell these partners our goals and changes we are going to make.   It is similar to the weigh in process at Weight Watchers and can be a bit of extra motivation.   However, have a couple thousand people watching you step on a scale,  and pledging to changing your life!!  Wow, this is like motivational steroids.   The pressure to come through and not give in will be tremendous!

The end of the show, where contestants are voted off was difficult , like always.   I generally hate seeing people have to go but it is TV and they have to do something to entertain the masses.   It is also another tool to keep people motivated to work their hardest.

One of the large 475lb twin brothers was voted to go home.   I felt badly for him, however I was so inspired when they showed him at home, out of the biggest loser environment.  He had lost over 100lbs and was doing great.   AWESOME!!!!!

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