The Biggest Loser Season 09 – Episode 3

I missed the first hour of  The Biggest Loser  tonight as I was with my daughter tonight at her school.    Oh well, it should be online in a few days.   What I did see had several good points to discuss.

I turned it on when they were starting the ribbon maze game. Interesting turn around having them actually untangle their own mess.  I also thought it was a very creative game, one of those where you get a workout while your having fun so you don’t notice your exercising.

I would call the over all  title of the episode “determination” with very little interplay between the contestants.   I don’t care for the petty bickering which was so prominent in last season.  I hope it lasts as I get turned off by the who is mad at who stuff.

Having each team choose between them a teacher or student role was excellent and provided a great opportunity for both of them.   From my experience in working with hundreds of clients, we all understand a great deal more about both motivation and determination then we admit.   The part where we usually stumble is applying motivation to ourselves.   However, by becoming the teacher/motivator of someone else, you actually motivate yourself.    There is almost no way not to.   Imagine being in a blah mood and trying to cheer up a child by making up some games.   Even if your depressed you have to change your own state first to create a fun atmosphere for the child.   You cannot  become fun and silly and stay depressed.  Same with motivating someone else. It is a win win for both.

I was particularly taken with the Gray team tonight.   I saw such commitment…. resolve….. we are going to change our life.    Not one ounce of doubt.   I also admired their integrity by calling out the fellow on the white team that they thought was not working very hard.   To me that is strong sign that they are at such a resolve that they want the others to be at their level.  If they see people not committed  they are going to say something even it if makes them unpopular.  I was also impressed during the voting that they stuck to the reason for calling the white team member and did not vote for him to leave.  That’s integrity!

One of the difficulties we have is when we are on the slim healthy path, following our food plan, exercising etc….is we want the other people in our lives to join in.  We want to be surrounded by people with the same commitment and intensity level.   That was the message I got from the gray team.   They want the entire group to win, they want everyone to be grateful for the opportunity to be on the show and give it their all. To me that is why they called out the fellow on the white team.  I actually have a lot to say on this point but will save it for one of my Slim Tips.

While I usually find it sad to see people voted off.  I love seeing the progress the person voted off  has made at the end of the show.   It was so touching to see how well the mom on the white team had done at home and the support and love displayed by her family/ friends at the pool.

See you all next week.

Remember, it’s the keeping it off that’s important!

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  1. Lanelle Wilder Says:

    It is so interesting to think of the concept of addiction or obsession. The connection between the body and soul. The conscious and the subsconscious. The body telling you to do something that is bad for you that you need it to live. People that have not experienced chemical addiction cannot understand.

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