I Didn’t Get to Finish! Biggest Loser Blog – Inner Guide To Season 10 Episode 10 Part 2

I Didn’t Get to Finish! – They did it to me again!

I found this week’s Biggest Loser episode program so interesting and important that I decided to write a Part 2.

I learn a lot and maintain my weight loss and health by looking out into the world for examples of how people that used to struggle with food addictions keep healthy.  At the same time I also look for clues on how people revert to struggle and become just another diet statistic.

People don’t succeed long term because now they eat cabbage instead of mars bars but from changes they have made to their mindset to make better choices over time.

Because of my training in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), I am very aware of language and how people use it to express themselves.   The words people choose, tell a lot about how they feel inside.

In this week’s Biggest Loser episode, one aspect of the stair walk really caught my attention.   At the very end, Bob asked Elizabeth why she looked so unhappy, she responded, “I didn’t get to finish”.  Very interesting choice of words…..then Bob did the right thing and encouraged Elizabeth to focus on what she has accomplished at the ranch.

However, “I didn’t get to finish” is a curious phrase and something to me that fits right in with Elizabeth’s personality. It is a phrase someone uses to put blame somewhere else and not take ownership for one’s actions.   Saying “I was too tired and stopped” is owning your actions and accepting responsibility.  Saying “I didn’t get to finish” sounds like someone made her stop or it was something outside of her control.

I find The Biggest Loser so fascinating how we get to see these different personalities and then from body language or spoken words we can see behaviour patterns.   Elizabeth’s language is so consistent with her previous patterns where she always seems to have an excuse.

For me to maintain my success and for many of the successful people I see, one of the key factors is to accept responsibility and be ok with yourself even if others do not approve.   I would have loved to see Elizabeth say “I was exhausted and stopped and if you don’t like it too bad!” or even “I feel bad for not finishing but maybe next time”.   Playing the victim and not owning your own actions breeds self hate, and self hate is the biggest breeder of food addiction we can have.

This week watch your language and see if you own your actions.  The great thing about being an adult is we get to say yes and no and not have to provide a reason.

It’s your life, create it the way you want with no excuses.

I wish you all the best,


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  1. Emily Says:

    I agree you really do have to be ok with yourself even if other aren’t. If you love yourself, others will too!

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