The Biggest Loser – A Bunch of Winners!

Wow, I love the Biggest Loser TV show.  I actually only started watching it a few years ago.  A good friend of mine (a very muscular, buff psychologist) asked me what I thought of the show.   I responded I never watched it.  He was shocked; he said he never misses it and that it was one of the most motivational shows on TV.  I thought it odd as he is in incredible shape and never has had a weight issue.  However he found it very inspiring.

Well I am now one of the converted.  If I do miss an episode I find it somewhere online to watch it.  So what is the pull and why would people with no weight issues watch the show?

Aren’t we all fascinated  and inspired by people that reach deep into themselves and accomplish great things.   I think this is the major fascination with sports.   Facing great odds, coming through in the clutch, over coming massive hurdles….. real life stories that are captivating.   If you think of the last book you read or movie you watched it most likely had a similar theme.   People overcoming great obstacles.

So while I might not be a soccer player, mountain climber, or Olympic bob sled racer, I can still be inspired by how these people work hard, sacrifice and compete to be the best.    It’s this same with The Biggest Loser but maybe even more so.

With The Biggest Loser we get to see people at their worst, most frail and hopeless.   I think we can all relate to the desperation they feel.  In our society we hide our desperation and in doing so it can make us feel very alone.  We are the only ones……. However, The Biggest Loser takes it out of the closet; it is a place to share and realize other people have the same feelings as we do.

The show also demonstrates that it is never too late.   No matter what your health or situation it is possible in the right environment to make changes, even drastic changes.

Throughout this season I will be updating my blog and commenting on the episodes. I want to point out the sometime subtle cues and other events that are worth giving more thought to.

I am not a fan of the drama… i.e. who likes whom and who back stabs whom.  Also, I really don’t care who wins the Biggest Loser title.   All of these people are winners in my book!

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  1. Emily Says:

    I am so addicted to this show. It is very inspirational. I agree they are all winners!

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