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The Slim Mind 8 Week Teleclass Workshop

The Slim Mind Teleclass Workshop, is a comprehensive course that goes to the core, of what you need to know to join the exclusive 5% successful dieters club, that keep the weight off permanently. You cannot read books, or listen to lectures at the weekly weight watchers meeting to get the knowledge and benefits that you will gain from this course.

I promise you an exciting, stimulating experience, that will give you “ah ha” moments from start to finish. This is deep, experiential course where we cover material you are not aware of and will change your relationship to food and most likely all of your relationships.

You know in your heart of hearts, it is not about the food. If I suggest eating lean chicken breast instead of Kentucky Fried Chicken, your response is going to be DUH!!!! I am not going to insult you so please do not expect the typical diet tips class. This is not a “you need to try harder” or “just say no” class. That does not work, we already know that.

In this class we explore how the mind works, and what is needed to live a life free from the slavery of being addicted to food.

Interesting, if you chat with people that have had success losing weight, they almost always respond…… “oh. it was Weight Watchers, or Jenny Craig or high protein …….. however, I will guarantee that was not it! It is always some new position or shift that they do internally, a mind shift. The ones that realize this and remember how to do it, are successful long term. The ones that think it was “the food plan” are bound for failure.

Join me and learn the mind tools you need to stay in happy healthy weight range for the rest of your life.

Free Introduction: The Slim Mind Teleclass Workshop

This is a free, 3 session Teleclass that will cover some of the basic information contained in the full 8 week course. Please join us on the path to getting and staying slim for the rest of your life.

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