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I also know the loneliness of when I was younger wondering if I would ever attract anyone that would love me and later the shame wondering if my wife could still find me attractive. I think you can understand what my world was like?

Maybe it’s your world now?

 Before at 170 lbs - Food Addict

However, I also know the pure exhilaration and relief of finally finding the pieces of the puzzle and join the successful 5%. Yes, I have lost over 170 lbs and kept it off for over 5 years. That is why I have earned the right to show and teach others what it really takes to keep in a healthy weight range for years.

Prepare yourself, the facts are sobering; Psychologist Traci Mann stated in her food addictions research report at UCLA. You will initially lose 5 to 10 percent of your weight on any number of diets and then the weight comes back … several studies indicate dieting is a future predictor of weight gain…. one formal 2 year study showed the men and women in a control group that did not diet actually weighed less than the group on the diet!

It’s Not Your Fault!

Please understand it is not just you, you are not alone, not by a long shot. The current weight loss systems are in place for people to fail! They are actually designed to increase food addictions. Can you believe they would do that to us? Yes, it’s absolutely true and I can prove it to you!

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself, because I want to give you the keys to that elusive 5% club. Right now, I am offering you an opportunity to join me, to be in an exclusive club… in the 5% club… I am offering you the opportunity to have a relationship with yourself you didn’t even know you could have.

One where when you look in the mirror, you feel love and pride for yourself.

I am not a weight loss guru, diet expert or magic pill salesman that’s going to waste your time with the same flim-flam that you hear from the other million diet programs. What I am, is an expert at is unlocking the shackles of your life that are reflected in your weight. Those same shackles that sometimes make it impossible for you to stop binge eating.

Please understand, I am not a skinny person who thinks they understand and wants toStop binge eating - Aftertell you how to be like me. I get it! I’ve been there, I understand about food addictions and I found the way home and it’s that path, the path back to your true self that I offering to share with you.

Remember, I told you that for most of my life I was obese, could not stop binge eating, was miserable and filled with self hate.

While now, I am a man, a strong, healthy, free, sexy, sensual, man that loves who I am and all I want is to have you find that beautiful or handsome, sensual, alluring, fun-loving, active, confident, life go-getter that is hidden behind the guilt, shame, fear of your fat AND for you to become the person you were born to be… free, and uniquely you.

It is time for all you have to offer, to actually be given to this world.

Our fat gives us an excuse to be less than we were born to be or dream of being.

It is time to give up the excuses. Please come join me now.

I am a Certified Master Weight Loss Coach and if you choose to partner with me we will together discover that secret unique formula that will keep you slim, healthy and vibrant for the rest of your life.

Integrity and honesty are my core values, that’s why I guarantee my work 100%. Work with me and together we will find the you that your weight has been hiding. If you do as I ask, if you show up, you will succeed. I guarantee it or your money back. Now I can’t be fairer than that, can I?

Here’s some good news: You do not have to buy packaged foods, you do not have to take pills, you do not have to step on a scale in front of others, you do not have to starve, you do not have to be perfect… you just show up and follow through on the simple instructions.

I offer a few ways for us to work together depending on your budget, motivation and commitment. You can have private sessions, group teleclasses or a combination of the two. You get to choose, you’re in control, I make it work.

For details, click on the links on the left side and make sure and sign up for your free Slim Mind audio tool and teleclassses.

I wish you all the best,

Certified Weight Loss CoachNLPstop-binge-eating-hypnosiseft-food-addictions

3 Responses to “StopBinging”

  1. brit Says:

    ……growing up i was always told to finish my plate or i couldn’t leave (& i would complain most of the time because my mother’s portions were enough to feed an army *exaggeration but u get my point*) and sometimes we’d visit my grandparents and everytime we went we had a game called the clean plate club and whoever finished all there food first won or got seconds. Of coarse as a seven years old my metabolism was on fire, and my age right now my metabolism is still on my side, but I feel control is not. I have gotten way better at controlling myself more often than before, but for some reason atleast once during a day and for sure a few times a week I’ll have a moment of weakness & just start eatting till im sick (two night ago went on a trip to Sedona-did wonderful eating wise- got home and an hour later I began to eat & than after 3 helps of potatoes (maybe 2 & 1/2 cups), a couple chocolate bars, 2 rolls of lifesavers, a couple of starburst, some skittles, a sugar cookie (the size of my first), two snowballs (1in 1/2 in lenth & width), some ham, —-& during this whole process I hate 2 hours prior & had no buisness even eatting & i kept telling myself to stop but i kept going. Later I broke down and cried, friends gave me encouragment & say I do good controlling and that I am too hard on myself, but I want to control this—my step dad thinks because my mom is an alcoholic & that addiction is hereditary that this might be my addiction…..but i dont want it to be. & everytime i think i have it under control something triggers it & i eat till i cant see straight.
    I’m fine now i dont think im fat, but weight gain/blindness/cancer & anything else you can think of runs on my dads side of the family (& thats the side i take after). Discovered truely how susceptible i am when i was depressed during 2 months of that period when i just ate & ate and sat & did nothing I gained 20lbs no problem…..I dont want to be the product of obesity when i get older because my metabolism isn’t here to help me anymore. I want to control what I eat all the time & how much. I want to know when i say stop i’ll stop, not someone has to come stop me in order for that to happen.

  2. skiges Says:

    Hi Brit,
    I certainly understand your pain and concern as I had many years of battling the same issues. Just a couple of thoughts, even though you may have a hereditary disposition towards addiction it does not mean you are predestined to it. Especially since you have awareness and are actively seeking answers for yourself you are on the right path. You show considerable courage and strength by being open and discussing your pain.

    As you know once a binge starts it is close to impossible to stop. One idea on your next one is to work on accepting this part of you. That out of control part that is trying to find comfort and acceptance with food, get to know it. As you are binging ask yourself , what do you really want now. If I called a friend right now (not after) how would that feel? Those emotions that are driving your binge want something from you, how can you satisfy them in a more healthy way? It sounds like you have some wonderful friends try talking to them about the binge trigger and not what a bad person you think you are for binging.

    Addictions no matter if food, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling all have the same root. We are trying to change painful emotions with a substance or behavior. The resolution is finding healthy ways to do this. You say “I want to control what I eat all the time & how much.” I personally gave up on this kind of pressure on myself, I am good with about 80% of the time making healthy choices. I even have one binge day per week to let that part of myself really go for it. That 20% out of control part of myself is just a part I accept and actually enjoy it.

    If you have not seen the new movie “The Kings Speech” go see it. Beside from being a great story, great acting it is a great metaphor for everyone struggling with a problem.

    Best wishes to you,

    PS Hope you sign up for my teleclasses, they will cover several techniques that will help you with your binging.

  3. Laurelanne Davis Says:

    “Our fat gives us an excuse to be less than we were born to be or dream of being.” You are so right! It is an excuse. It is so hard to not believe in that excuse. Why do we let that belief hold us back?

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