Slim Mind Tip – Me Bashing

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We are all experts at talking badly to ourselves.   We can wake up, look in the mirror and start bashing ourselves with such destructive negative  messages.  “You’re so fat”, “Look at that flabby face” “What’s wrong with you” etc… by the time we’re done doing a number on ourselves, we’re about as inspired as a piece of cow manure.

Question…. Is there anyone in your life that talks this horribly to you?   Could you imagine walking into work and a co-worker says, “Hi Fat Pig”, “Good morning disgusting”.

Not quite, right?  Well what gives us the right to have these kinds of inner conversations or how can we expect to feel motivated and happy to be alive with this kind of trash going on in our heads? Pretty impossible, don’t you agree?

Here is your tip and exercise.  If you have an overweight child in your family or maybe a friend’s child, go have a chat with them.   As your shooting the breeze and enjoying the interaction, I want you to internally, in your imagination only (not out loud) start saying your favorite nasty horrible phrases. Make sure you look into their innocent sweet eyes while thinking these thoughts.

What I can tell you is be prepared to get a bit misty.  You see, no one and I mean no one, even ourselves, deserves to hear the garbage we come up.   You can find it helpful to repeat this exercise over time just to remind yourself.  It can be quite effective with anyone, just look at the person, look at their humanity, how much they try in life just like you.   Now image saying horrible things…… You can expect the same results but please don’t take my word for it, actually do it.

However, please do me a favor, if you really, really, believe your mountain of negative thoughts, book a session with a good Psychologist, Counselor or Coach.  I carried around that ball and chain for many years.  Getting rid of it took 170 lbs off my body.

Join me on a crusade to end “Me Bashing”!

3 Responses to “Slim Mind Tip – Me Bashing”

  1. Frank Says:

    I can relate – good article, Steve

  2. addiction help Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful post. Most of us have our hands red with name calling ourselves. It may be the pleasure derive from thinking that it would motivate us to act upon the problem, however, most of the times it does not work. It will only make us more depressed and crush our positivity and our opportunity to shine.

  3. Laurelanne Davis Says:

    The power of being positive is the key. We create your own self image by how we think and talk about ourselves.

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