Slim Mind Tip – Learning what not to do

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What kind of tip is this?  What the heck does he mean?    Some of you know that in my first career ,I was a professional musician.    I  trained at The Julliard School, which is one of the best fine arts school in the world.

In my second semester, I was assigned a particular teacher which I will refer to as Mr. Negative.    I am sure you know the kind.  Never has anything good to say, and has this permanent scowl plastered on his face.

Everything he said seemed off, didn’t make sense and no matter what I would try, I just could not please him.   Now, in my head I’m thinking, here I am at The Great Julliard School, the students are the best of the best and the teachers are the best of the best, what is wrong with me?  Why can’t I get what this teacher is trying to teach me?  He must be great, he’s teaching at Julliard?

I was sitting in the lounge feeling pretty bummed out and one the Phd candidates I had met came and sat next to me.   He asked how things were going and I explained what was going on.    He got this big grin on his face and said, ” Oh….. you’ve got Mr. Negative this semester……..  we all had to learn how to survive his class, it’s one of the rights of passage …… everyone has to do their time in his class….. “.    He then said “Mr Negative is actually one of the best teachers in the entire school, you just do the opposite of what he says and you will be right on the money.

Wow, what a relief and what a great lesson!  It was a lesson about trusting myself, my own beliefs and what is best for me.   In weight loss there are a million opinions, do this , no do this , no do this……. some roads are good to try and some we can just say no thanks to.

My success in staying in my healthy weight range has not been about being a good disciple of XYZ diet.    It has been mixing and matching things that work for me.   It has been at times ignoring good advice and paying attention to what I need at the time.   If I am on a high protein diet, it does not mean I am married to it for life.   Maybe only a few weeks and then onto something else.

I am open to new ideas, however I do not have to accept them all as being for me.  For the next few days or weeks, pay attention to advice givers and information you read or see on TV.  Just because the experts say ……. does not mean you have to do it, or it’s right for you.

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