Slim Mind Tip – Food Forcasting

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Most of us pay some attention to weather forcasts, right ?  Even though we know forecasts are only 75% accurate,  we still turn on the tv, pickup the newspaper or maybe just visit our favorite website.   Why, because we want to be prepared for whatever today is going to bring and also for making plans for the week.   The important thing is, even though there is no guarantee of what the day will really bring,  we want to be prepared the best we can; how should we dress?  sweater? coat? boots? umbrella….. etc….

Now for me, I do food forcasting.   I like to do both  a long range forcast, for the week ahead and a daily forcast.  The more I can prepare for “the known events” , the better I know I will do.  So, this week do you have any parties, meals out, or other situations that might be particularly difficult.   If so, what kind of preparations can I make if I want to stick to my food plan.   Can I eat before or after , maybe check the menu online and prepare what I can order that will still work for me?   If it is some place that I am especially looking forward to and it only has food that does not go with my food plan, I might decide that will be my cheat day for the week.     I always have one cheat day per week and usually want to make it a good one, so it might be the best opportunity.    By preparing for it, by saying “Ok Steve, Thursday you are invited to…… and that is your cheat day” .  I know the rest of the week is going to be clean eating for me.

What about short term forcasting?  What is the forecast for today?   This is actually a more important tool.   What does my day look like in terms of meals and meal planning?  When will they be?  What will I eat? Do I need to go to the store or do I have what I need? Am I going to get into a situation where I am so famished I will grab anything and risk a binge session?  Do I need to take anything with me in case I get hungry?  What difficult situations are going to most likely come up where I could be tempted to binge and what kind of preparation can I do now to be ready?

This planning really saved my bacon yesterday(sorry for the food pun)!   I went shopping at the mall with my wife.  It always takes longer then I plan and I am going to get hungry.   So I prepare, do I want to bring something with or what are my choices at the food court that are going to work………..hmmm  ok…. the stir fry chicken and vegies at the Chinese place, that will work.     So now I didn’t have to worry, no stress, I  had food  options and don’t have to worry about getting over hungry and making a poor choice.

Weight loss and keeping it off.  It’s an inside job!


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