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You probably aren’t surprised but I am a big fan of the Food Channel.  I watch those shows more than any other religiously.  One thing I have learned is about tasting, on all the shows the focus is on good taste and preparing the best possible food.  All of these chefs are connoisseurs of good tasting food.  Good tasting food is satisfying and is an experience.

My tip and my challenge to you, is to become a connoisseur.  Really taste your food, even if it’s your cheat foods…… pizza, chocolate, ice cream, potato chips…..   Really, if you’re going for it, you might as well really savor the experience.  Do you love the creaminess of that ice cream or the crunchy salty flavor of potato chips?  Enjoy it……mmmm…..

We don’t have ice cream in the house; if we did I would eat it until it’s gone.   However every few weeks we go to this incredible gelato place, Mondos’ Gelato  It is so much better than any ice cream; it’s a flavor explosion!

If you can really savor the experience, you will find over time you will feel satisfied sooner and really enjoy the process.   And why not at least enjoy it?

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  1. Laurelanne Davis Says:

    It is so true. We often eat food without thinking and enjoying it. I know I eat way more when I sit in front of the tv then when I think about what I am eating. I think it is important to take the time to eat slowly and enjoy the experience of food.

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