Slim Mind Tip – Are we there yet?

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Where have you heard this before?   Are we there yet?……… How much farther?……….   If you don’t have kids of your own maybe these phrases remind you of yourself when you where young.

We build up expectations and dream of what things will be like when were slim and healthy which is an excellent thing to do! It helps keep us motivated and excited about how our bodies & health change as our lives will become more fun and rewarding.

I was working with a client last month that was unhappy about her current work.   It causes her stress and she does not really enjoy it.    She was telling me about a course at a local community college learning to be a floral arranger.

It was quite in depth and took 12 months to complete. She was so excited about it!  Something she had thought about doing for a long time but was scared to take the jump.   As we talked a bit more, she came to this place of conviction, it was something she just had to do and do now. The last thing she said that stuck with we me was, ” and its only a 12 month course”!

Interesting……..  “only” a 12 month course……….   Internally she was comparing it to going back to college, and spending 4 years, but here, in only 12 short months she could have a new career being a floral artist, wow!

What impressed me was her enthusiasm, seeing in her future a new life, doing something she really was going to love and actually excited it was only going to take 12 months.

Now , how does this relate you and your own issues with your weight and health?   If it takes you 12 months to drastically change your life is it worth it?  It took me close to 2 years to drop 170lbs.  Would I have  liked it if it only took 3 months? Well sure, but to me it was a process, like going back to school.  Learning how to live a  new way with new tools,  besides food to handle my upsets and stress.   It was part of the tuition.

So here’s the question.  I don’t know your situation or how much weight you want to lose, but if you could sign up at a school and after 12 months walk out with not only a new body, but the tools to keep it healthy and slim for the rest of your life would you sign up?   As my client said ” It’s only 12 months”.

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