Private Coaching Mentoring Sessions

(**Individual non business clients)

Private Sessions with Steve, is your best choice for experiencing significant results and making the quickest progress. Everyone has their own personal map of triggers and challenges. Private work allows us to focus quickly on the best approach for your personal situation.

Coaching does not focus on the past. Coaching is a method where we use a variety of tools to help you discover and make use of your own personal gifts and resources. By discovering your own personal power source, strength and inner determination you will unleash the slim healthy person you are meant to be.

Our goal is for you to gain a lifetime membership in the exclusive 5% club which is open to people that lose weight and keep it off.

It’s time to stop doing what is not working and learn what does work.

• Gain a clear, unstoppable force, that propels you towards and keeps you slim and healthy.
• Rediscover the ownership of creating your own life and the pride that comes with it.
• Dissolve the old patterns of food abuse that no longer server you.
• Take small steps everyday and celebrate your accomplishments.
• Forgive yourself & live with excitement and freedom.
• Learn to embrace your imperfections & how not to let them derail you.
• Sky rocket your self esteem and become unstoppable.

Single Consultation $ 125.00

1 month (4 sessions) $ 300.00 per month

3 months (12 sessions) $ 800.00 3 months

6 months (24 sessions) $ 1440.00 6 months

100% Money Back Guarantee! If you are not satisfied for any reason your money will be refunded.

Session time is 45 however many times they will extend to one hour. .

**Fees above have been discounted 50% for non business clients.

Fees subject to change at any time.

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