Justins Weight Loss Does Not Cut It – Biggest Loser Blog – Season 11 Episode Twelve

I know from reading The Biggest Loser boards that there are many different opinions about Justin.   Some people dislike the alliances he seemed to be the center of and others just simply didn’t like his roughness.

The first thing I always consider on this and any other season is through the miracles of television editing are we really seeing the true Justin or maybe just one dimension?   You see, it seems pretty apparent that some of the other contestants not even on Justin’s team like him, so maybe there is more to this man then the hard exterior we see portrayed.

I really appreciated Justin’s comments today; “I did all I could do” after posting a 2 pound weight loss. He showed no remorse, anger nor did he complain.   To me this shows a huge leap in self acceptance, and in my opinion one that is required for everyone to keep weight off over time and come to terms with emotional eating.

I know we are all taught to have weight loss goals like I am going to lose x pounds this week.   But the problem is it rarely works this way. How many times does that gold star we’re waiting to pin on our chest turns out to be made of lead. Do weight loss goals serve the food addict or could there be exceptions or another way to approach them?

You see, I don’t really know anything in life where if you do what you’re supposed to do, you’re guaranteed an outcome.   Let’s see, what about relationships?…… I do xyz and you will love me…..ummmm, not really; no guarantee there.    How about I will do a good job for your company and you guarantee me a job for life?   Hmmm, not really.  So where did we get stuck on this weight loss guarantee?  And, more important is this guarantee something that is part of the problem?


You see Justin ate the right meal plan, exercised; what more can anyone do?   He knew it and he accepted it.   However many people turn disappointment of a small weight loss or even weight gain as a launching pad to heap more dislike for themselves.  Is it not this self loathing and anxiety that is the real fuel for binge eating and most food addictions?



Today I was looking at my blog statistics and someone searched Google with the phrase “Food Addiction Diet” and found my website.   Now I understand why someone is looking for a food addiction diet however I also know it is an oxymoron.   It does not exist, however I also have no doubt that some person has put together a miracle ebook of some nonsense telling you what foods to eat to break a food addiction.  It would be about as effective as what brand of beer to drink to stop alcohol addiction.

Justin is right on track of the real food addiction diet; eat healthily, exercise, and accept parts of life that you cannot do anything about.   Accept some   disappointments, be open minded, make adjustments and carry on.

You might say, “Well that’s not so easy” and I reply how easy is it to maintain an obese unhealthy life style?   I know when I weighed over 400lbs, I had to really work at it.

I would really like to hear your comments on today’s post.   Let me know what you think and how it might affect your life.

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