Justin Gets Knocked Down on Weight Loss – Biggest Loser Blog Season 11 Episode Ten

The words we say to ourselves have such an impact on how we feel about ourselves.   You know the old saying “Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can make you feel crummy for a long time”? They act as spring boards that propel us towards what we focus on both positively and negatively. This week’s episode on The Biggest Loser had some excellent examples of how words trigger our motivation and give us something to anchor our actions on.

On one of opening the scenes we had Justin talking about his leadership role.   It means a lot to him to him to be available and support others.  From interviews on previous episodes we know that since Justin became obese he had lost his feeling of leadership both with his family and himself.   Interesting enough, Justin claimed the leadership position at the start of the season.   He didn’t use any excuses like “well when I lose the weight, then I can become a leader” on the contrary he  simply decided to take the leadership position within himself and the red team.

A bit latter in the episode Justin talking to Cara said “I am going to be a citizen that people can be proud of”.   You could see the strength of that commitment and how much that meant to him.  For Justin it is a powerful metaphor that that he can use to keep himself on track with his weight loss.   What a great question to keep asking; “Am I being a citizen people are proud of if I …….. ?

I particularly enjoyed the scene with Cara and Justin where she continuously knocked him down to the ground and he kept getting up.   Again, this was a great example of a metaphor both in words and in action.   I found the scene particularly powerful as a reminder for myself of what I need to do on a daily basis to keep a healthy weight and lifestyle.     It is a lie that you will reach your goal weight and live happily ever after.  Life has its pain, frustration, anguish and at times knock us all of us down.  Yes everyone!  You will binge eat on occasion, get down on yourself and go through all the same issues we all do.

The difference I see in the quality of different people’s lives is do they get up or not?  Especially with emotional eaters, do they keep getting up?  We really have two choices; we can stay on the ground, feel beaten with no control over our lives or we can get up and claim that inner strength that we all know we have.

My challenge to you this week is to try on Justin’s motto and be a citizen that people are proud of.  The first thing you have to do is to find where you are proud of yourself.  Next, what can you do to help others, to be a good a good role model for your friends and family?  It does take some courage, just like Justin stepping up and being a leader.

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