I’m OK being fat ?

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I’m curious, have you ever been able to sustain a mindset that you are ok being overweight? You know, those thoughts like, “It’s just the way I’m made”, “Why fight it, just accept it”, “It’s not so important just be happy”.

I know over the many years of being obese I tried this approach several times. I even had some very close friends encourage me….. “Steve, we love you and don’t care what size you are….. the only thing that is important is that you love yourself and be happy”.

I did try it. What the hell, just eat whatever you want, enjoy life and stop fighting it. Stop the self abuse, anger, depression and just accept what cannot be changed. However, in the end it just seemed like another failure, another 50lbs on my body, another kind of diet/mindset that I was too weak to sustain.

The reason for this particular post is from another very interesting blog I was reading: http://www.bigfatblog.com . This is a popular blog that is dedicated to fat acceptance and fat rights.  My hats off to them for speaking their mind and working to raise societies consciousness about fat abuse.   It is interesting that in our society it is still ok to discriminate openly against fat people.

Years ago this person said to me in very negative tone “You’re so fat!”   After recovering from the shock I replied, “And why would that be any of your business?”…. she said “Because it is so unhealthy”… to which I replied “And why would my health be any of your business?” … her reply was, “Because you must realize you’re going to kill yourself?”…. I replied, that I was trying to understand her concern but just did not get it……  “You don’t know me, yet somehow you care about me and my health and whether I die prematurely?  Do you go to bars and tell people they drink too much, or accost smokers in public about how they are ruining their health?  ……….Maybe you’re on a crusade to help unhealthy people, by pointing out your insights that you think have not occurred to them; like your brilliant observation that I am fat?”………. as you can imagine the conversation ended with that.

As I explain to my coaching clients, we all have pain in our lives and deal with it differently.  Whether it is excessive; eating, drinking, smoking, drugs, shopping, gambling, anger, internet, sex, tv………   Most people have some kind of addiction that they use to take the edge off overwhelming emotions.   The thing with food addicts is we wear our pain on our bodies for the world  to see.

Please let me know what you think!

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  1. Line Brunet Says:

    My other favourite is “It’s not me, it’s my metabolism”. Nobody wants to be overweight. Myself, having lost 30 pounds and wanting to lose a little more, I know that you do tell youself things in order to justify our excess.
    Knowledge is power, as you have stated, and once I knew the “secrets” taking the weight off is easier than you might think. Thanks for the info Steve. Keep it up because your current and future clients need you!

  2. Kent Says:

    It’s inspiring to know that you got the weight off without using the kind of abusive attitudes this stranger had.

  3. The Binge Diary Says:

    I know I do not accurately see my size even though I have had a few comments like this from strangers.

    Check out my blog also! http://thebingediary.blogspot.com

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