The Biggest Loser
Excellent, entertaining, reality show that provides positive examples on keeping motivated. Remembering the pain of where you are or where you have come from and the possibilities of where you are going are such important keys to being the the 5 percent club. The drama and inter personality issues are not the important part of the show. I see them as entertainment factors but not what the show is about. See my blog for weekly episode reviews.

Prevent Abusive Relationships
My friend Dr. Jeanne King is a renowned expert at helping people stop abuse and violence in relationships. She is a prolific speaker and author that has won many awards. This is a difficult subject, if you or anyone you know needs help in this area I know of no one better.

A very sobering and alarming website with live statistics calculators on many health issues. Right now they show over 340 MILLION obese people world wide! More then the entire population of the United States! If you think your the only one and your a failure for not being able to figure this out, think again.

Dov Baron
A true gem of a human being. Wise, radically honest and I am proud to have him as a friend. Read his blog and you will always leave knowing a bit more about yourself and the world.

Byron Katie
Working and learning from Katie is a wonderful, life changing opportunity. It is life change on steroids! Oprah, worked with Katie last year, so you know she is good.

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