Hanna Becomes Contagious- Biggest Loser Blog – Season 11 Episode Fourteen

We had so many wonderful scenes in this week’s episode that it is hard to only mention one.   We had Hanna and her epiphanies, Rulon’s emotional eating and Courtney being her usual powerful self.

Hanna seems to fly under the radar somewhat this season but when she is featured, I always end up smiling.   She has that knack of calling a spade a spade in an honest, innocent way that has me chuckle or at least has me rooting for her.

I enjoyed watching both the preparation and the night out that her black team earned.   It was also touching to watch her share her inner delight dressing up and strutting her stuff.    Even the section about wearing high heels for the first time was inspiring and I personally don’t care about fashion.

We can all learn something from how comfortable Hanna is at having a laugh at herself and at the same time having a fierce drive to attain her goals.    The Biggest Loser has really helped her discover and appreciate herself immensely.

Hanna’s impassioned speech to the viewers that no matter where you are you can do it was very moving.   Start now, start with small steps.    The truth is we all started at step one.

What I passionately care about is people discovering their specialness and stepping into it.   Realize that no matter what beliefs we have had about ourselves, we can still at any time turn a corner and welcome a new life.  Hanna’s story is almost like a fairy tale….. once upon a time there was this woman named Hanna, who did not think so much of herself…….. but one day she had enough…….. she decided that fear was not going to hold her back…… she took a step forward and after a short time her life changed in ways that were incredible!  We are all capable of having this same story, the key is that step forward.

My journey to lose 170lbs started with step one.  It did not start with the band playing and my motivation screaming at 100 mph.    That is the big fat lie that everyone buys into.    In fact, many times we ask ourselves such poor questions that only go to prove that we are professional demotivators …… Why am I fat?   Why am I unmotivated?    What’s wrong with me?……    If you’re looking for a diet, one that is void of those demotivating questions is a great place to start.

Try these on instead……. What is one thing I can do today to be healthier?     What about for just today I will not buy anything from the vending machine?   How about a walk around the block, right now?…. just do it.

This is how it starts for all of us who are successful.   No fireworks, no fist pumps, no fanfares, no waiting to be in the right mood….. Just start!

I would really like to hear your comments on today’s post.   Let me know what you think and how it might affect your life.

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