Falling Off Your Weight Loss Program: Biggest Loser Blog – Season 11 Episode Sixteen

Metaphors of living life in a healthy new lifestyle are abundant on the Biggest Loser.   These recent New Zealand episodes have all been about new discoveries, new challenges, and new self awareness on losing weight and staying slim.

I particularly liked the challenge Brad’s group had to climb up the face of a mountain as it relates so closely to the real life challenge of overcoming food addictions and obesity. Haven’t we all related our weight loss challenge to climbing a mountain from time to time?

Metaphorically and mentally, it is a very similar process.  Both climbing a mountain and weight loss require first focusing on a goal and making the attainment of that goal important and inspiring for ourselves.   That is a key element; to find the juice and motivation to keep us going when the going gets tough.

Second, both endeavours require a willingness to be flexible.   Now this is where I see so many people struggle.   I know of very few, if any, goals that do not require behavioural flexibility.  Can you think of any?   The fact is, that anything we pursue of value will never be a straight line.  Climbing the face of a mountain usually requires backtracking, finding the route that works or slowing down and resting.  If the weather is bad, we maybe postpone to a day that is safer.    No matter how badly someone wants to climb a mountain, they must prepare to be flexible since an inflexible mindset is certain to invite disappointment and possibly even injury.

This is where I thought Brad’s comment comparing not wanting to fall off the mountain to weight loss broke down.   You see, if I am climbing a mountain I need to be prepared to fall; it does happen!  No matter how determined I am, I am not going to start climbing unless I know I am roped in and will be safe.  If you’re on a weight loss program or just working at eating healthy, be prepared to fall.   You will slip; I guarantee it.   However, if you have your mental plans in place, you will be ready to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, make some adjustments and keep on going.

I believe in the “one step back and two steps forward” principle.   This way I am not shocked or ready to give up when I hit a temporary setback.   It’s just part of the challenge and regarding health, it is one that goes on for the rest of our lives!  Slipping and falling is not a reason to go off into self pity and give up.  Sure, have your moment or moments of disappointment; cry, whine and complain, then get back onto your master plan.  A slip, a binge, a few pounds gained is nothing compared to your long term goal to live a healthy life.   Really!  Please read this again as it is so important.

Today, take a few moments and give an honest look at how you have been approaching your weight loss goals.   Do you have straight line thinking?  If so, what kind of adjustments to your mindset can you make?

I would really like to hear your comments on today’s post.   Let me know what you think and how it might affect your life.

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