Emotional Eating Advertising Insults Your Intelligence – Biggest Loser Blog – Season 11 Episode Eight

We had a lot of good moments on tonight’s show: Rulon talking about his dreams, Kaylee fighting it out with Cara and realizing she truly is a fighter, plus Moses dragging Kaylee out of bed to keep her on track.

I think though what really stuck out for me was the segment between Cara and Moses. Now, I understand this is a TV show and they have to make revenue but that scene with the Fiber One bar to me had questionable integrity and very little forethought. It was a perfect example of the emotionally-based advertising that promotes pleasure-based addictive food products.

I am sure you would agree that food choices are certainly different for Cara, a 120 pound trainer/athlete. I can understand her munching a few of these refined carb bars down every day for extra energy. However, promoting these pleasure bars as healthy alternatives to obese individuals like Moses is another story. What was so striking about the segment was that the “food talk” was so typical…even down to the little jokes about eating an entire box.

Cara said, “I knew you would like these because they were chocolate, your favourite and they are only 100 calories!” Moses replied “I could eat a whole box”! Laugh….. laugh…. laugh Cara, rolled her eyes, oh no you won’t! But Cara, yes he will; that’s why these people are on the show, because they do eat the whole box! This scene brought me back to my childhood with my parents both rewarding me with food and then making me wrong for having my automatic response to over eat.

Sorry, but I don’t think it is funny. Moses just a few months ago you were sitting at home depressed and downing these kinds of simple sugar-laced, manufactured, pleasure bars and feeling helpless. Just because something has fibre in it, that does not make it healthy; it is a crock! You want some fibre?… have an apple or some almonds.

When food advertisers play this fibre card, it’s laughable. It reminds me of the advertising when we you read the bold print “FAT FREE” on a big bag of Switzer Licorice! Really……. is the Fibre one bar with a whole 5 grams of fibre and a bag of “Fat Free” licorice going to help you reach your ideal healthy weight range? If you doubt my opinion please go check out the ingredients label yourself; glucose, fructose, chicory fibre, sugar. That is the order of the first four ingredients. Also, don’t get sucked into big “ONLY 100 CALORIE” banner across the top of the box. These bars are tiny, they are made to stimulate your hunger to eat another one, or as Moses said “the whole box”.

Please understand, I am not a food Nazi and have no problem with people choosing to eat Fibre One bars. My objections are when they are promoted as a healthy food choice and for their pleasure factor to a bunch of food addicts that don’t need much to trigger another binge.

I hope The Biggest Loser sticks to revenue sources like Subway or yogurt, real food.

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