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Courtney Has WWTT Disease and So Do We All – Biggest Loser Blog – Season 11 Episode Thirteen

I am a big fan of Courtney; her spunk is contagious and weight loss battle inspiring.     I thought the process she went through this week was a great one for all of us to learn from.   How many times have we all been caught in these same kinds of dilemmas, “Should I speak up or […]

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Justins Weight Loss Does Not Cut It – Biggest Loser Blog – Season 11 Episode Twelve

I know from reading The Biggest Loser boards that there are many different opinions about Justin.   Some people dislike the alliances he seemed to be the center of and others just simply didn’t like his roughness.

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Weight Loss Adds 19 Years to Moses Life Biggest Loser Blog Season 11 Episode Eleven

I am not a big fan of the “fear method” of weight loss.  This is the method that many doctors use and in my opinion should go on the shelf right next to the “Just say ‘No’” diet.   It is both ineffective and in many cases just adds to the problem.

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Justin Gets Knocked Down on Weight Loss – Biggest Loser Blog Season 11 Episode Ten

The words we say to ourselves have such an impact on how we feel about ourselves.   You know the old saying “Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can make you feel crummy for a long time”? They act as spring boards that propel us towards what we focus on both positively and […]

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