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The Sugar Plump Fairy – Another Lesson in Self Image

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One of the core causes of the cycle of food addiction and binge eating are the internal messages that we get from the outside world.   Whether that is TV, magazines or just idol gossip we take in many things that are a detriment to our lives.  For myself, one of the things that has helped […]

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Emotional Eating Advertising Insults Your Intelligence – Biggest Loser Blog – Season 11 Episode Eight

We had a lot of good moments on tonight’s show: Rulon talking about his dreams, Kaylee fighting it out with Cara and realizing she truly is a fighter, plus Moses dragging Kaylee out of bed to keep her on track. I think though what really stuck out for me was the segment between Cara and […]

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Weight Loss Your Own Way – The Biggest Loser Blog – Season 11 Episode Four

What a shocker on this evening’s episode!   I can’t remember anyone ever gaining more than about 3 pounds and that was after going home for two weeks.   Don’s 8 pound gain is certainly one for the record books.   I wonder when he was able to sneak food or binge eat as I would think other […]

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When You Really Blow It! – Biggest Loser Blog – Season 11 Episode Six

I think anyone who watched this week’s episode is still cringing in disbelief by what Arthur did.   If you missed it, the challenge was the person who ate the most chocolate was able to switch two team members from their team to the other team anonymously.     We won’t discuss the appropriateness of a food-based challenge […]

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Thinking, Eating, Exercise & In that Order; Biggest Loser Blog – Season 11 Episode Five

On tonight’s Biggest Loser episode, Bob said (and I could kiss him for saying this) weight loss is about “thinking, eating, exercise and in that order”.   Finally the truth is told and on national TV no less.   The disappointing part is although it is a profound statement, how many people really heard it? … or […]

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