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I Didn’t Get to Finish! Biggest Loser Blog – Inner Guide To Season 10 Episode 10 Part 2

I Didn’t Get to Finish! – They did it to me again! I found this week’s Biggest Loser episode program so interesting and important that I decided to write a Part 2. I learn a lot and maintain my weight loss and health by looking out into the world for examples of how people that […]

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When “They” Change I Will Be Fine – Biggest Loser Blog – Inner Guide to Season 10 Episode 10 Part 1

I am usually not a fan of makeover week.  Just a personal thing but I usually just do not find it very interesting.  However I really enjoyed that segment this year and I think the reason is, we got so see the contestants experiencing how proud they were of themselves for how far they have […]

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Family Support or No Family Support: Another Part of the Journey – Biggest Loser Blog Season 10 Episode 09

Overall, I thought this episode of The Biggest Loser was one of the best of the season.    We had a few good scenes that dealt with relationships and weight loss struggle, and much less of dealing with the race to win. I was particularly touched when Bob told Ada she was the only one that […]

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Eating Your Resentments; Not The Tastiest Binge Choice -The Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 08

The Biggest Loser Chat boards continue to be filled with comments by people that are fed up with the game playing and negative personalities on this year’s show. Many people are saying they are going to stop watching or wait until the finale.    I hope the show’s producers are paying careful attention.   People want The […]

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