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Your Bathroom Scale is A Liar!

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We all hear lots of opinions stated as facts especially in the weight loss. “Want to lose belly flab do this”……… “want a firm butt do this”………. on and on about how to make dieting and weight loss more effective. One of those we all read and hear about is the importance of exercise. Muscle […]

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I would have eaten that until I got sick!

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So who do you think would say something like that? Well, I have……. maybe you? Maybe lots of people you know, right? What I found fascinating was this was a chef on the Food Channel that was judging desserts made by amateurs. The chef was slim and actually criticized this dessert; a chocolate brownie with […]


I’m OK being fat ?

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I’m curious, have you ever been able to sustain a mindset that you are ok being overweight? You know, those thoughts like, “It’s just the way I’m made”, “Why fight it, just accept it”, “It’s not so important just be happy”. I know over the many years of being obese I tried this approach several […]