Welcome to the Get Slim From Within Blog. My purpose for writing this blog is to share my journey from morbid obesity, food addiction and binge eating to a life of health and happiness. I am in the exclusive 5% club having lost 170lbs and having it stay lost for over 8 years.  As a Certified Master Life Coach I will be sharing from the inside..... what really works for people to lose weight and keep it off. Please enjoy, learn and share......I would love to hear from you.

Stop! You do not need to find another

diet if you suffer from food addictions!

What you want is a solution that stops binge eating and keeps you in a healthy weight range, living free, happy and confident for the rest of your life.
Steve Kiges - Certified Weight Loss Coach
Master Life Coach &
Mentor, Master NLP
Ct Hypnosis, Adv EFT
Core Transformation

Please think about this………..

You want to lose weight, right? But, if you don’t learn the skills to keep it off, where are you going to end up?

Right back here, in this same painful place(or worse).

I know this seems obvious, but if you look at the facts, less than 5% of dieters keep the weight off for even 1 year.

However, even knowing this fact, how many of you still think, if I can just find the right diet…….. the right combination of this or that………..

I will finally get slim, look sexy, feel confident and then stay the same for the rest of my life. Sadly food addiction does not work that way.

It’s this myth that made the diet industry over 68 billion dollars last year.

Dear Friend and Fellow Diet Searchers,

Yes, I was one of you also. I was fat and obese most of my life. Ten years ago I was out of control and could not stop binge eating. I finally topped out at over 400 pounds! I know the pain and felt the sadness, self hate, depression and loneliness of an obese person’s world. I know the embarrassment of asking for a seat belt extension on a plane and the self anger of not fitting into the clothes I bought not long ago.

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Slim Mind Tip – Me Bashing

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We are all experts at talking badly to ourselves.   We can wake up, look in the mirror and start bashing ourselves with such destructive negative  messages.  “You’re so fat”, “Look at that flabby face” “What’s wrong with you” etc… by the time we’re done doing a number on ourselves, we’re about as inspired as a piece of cow manure.

Question…. Is there anyone in your life that talks this horribly to you?   Could you imagine walking into work and a co-worker says, “Hi Fat Pig”, “Good morning disgusting”.

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Slim Mind Tip – The Food Channel

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You probably aren’t surprised but I am a big fan of the Food Channel.  I watch those shows more than any other religiously.  One thing I have learned is about tasting, on all the shows the focus is on good taste and preparing the best possible food.  All of these chefs are connoisseurs of good tasting food.  Good tasting food is satisfying and is an experience.

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The Biggest Loser – A Bunch of Winners!

Wow, I love the Biggest Loser TV show.  I actually only started watching it a few years ago.  A good friend of mine (a very muscular, buff psychologist) asked me what I thought of the show.   I responded I never watched it.  He was shocked; he said he never misses it and that it was one of the most motivational shows on TV.  I thought it odd as he is in incredible shape and never has had a weight issue.  However he found it very inspiring.

Well I am now one of the converted.  If I do miss an episode I find it somewhere online to watch it.  So what is the pull and why would people with no weight issues watch the show?

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